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We supply full range of seamless and welded ferrous and non-ferrous tubes of various steel types and sizes for boilers, furnace, superheater, re-heater, steam and oil, gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

tube sheet
tube sheet
Carbon Steel A214, A179, A333 - 1/6
Low Alloy A209 - T1, A210A1, A213 - T2, T12. T22, T21, T5, T9
Stainless Steel T268 - TP405, TP410, A213 - TP316, TP316L, TP304, TP304L, TP321, TP347, A249 - TP317, TP309, A213-TP310
Duplex and Superduplex A789 - S31803, S32750
Nickel Alloy B729 - N08020, B626 - N10665, B622 - N06455, B163 - N06600, N08800 N08825, N04400, N02200
Copper and Copper Alloy Naval Brass, Admiralty B111 - C28000, C44300, C61400, C70600, C71500
Titanium Alloy B338