Forged Flange

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tube sheet
Category Product Size (mm) Weight (ton) Area
Shaft Drum Shaft, Crusher Shaft, Pinion Shaft, Roller Shaft, Max. OD 3,000
Max. 21,000L
Max. 250 Carbon Steel,
Low-Alloy Steel
Ring Tyre Ring, Cone Ring, Shell Max. OD 6,970
Max. 5,000L
Max. 200
Block Block, Square Bar Max. 1,500T
Max. 5,000W
Max. 300
Mold Steel & Tool Steel Normalized
Q & T
Max. 1,500T
Max. 5,000W
Max. 150 SP1
SP4A(S1), SP4MA(S2)

Category Product Size (mm) Material
Oil & Gas
Forged Shell, Max. OD 6,970 Carbon-Manganese Steel
Low Alloy Steel
Head, Tube Sheet, Nozzle Max. 5,000
Nuclear Power Plant Forged Shell, Max. OD 6,970 Carbon-Manganese Steel
Low Alloy Steel
Head & Tube Sheet Max. 5,000L
Cask Body Shell Max. 6,000L SA350 LF3/LF5, GLF1
Power Plant Rotor Shaft
Rotor Shaft
Up to 800MW 28CrMoNiV59

Category Product Size (mm) Weight (ton) Material
Shipbuilding Propeller Shaft Max. D3,000
Max. 21,000L
(Carbon Steel) 16,000L
(Alloy Steel)
Max. 160(Carbon)
Carbon Steel /
Alloy Steel
Intermediate Shaft
Rudder Stock
Rudder Trunk, Hub
Engine 2-Stroke Crank Shaft Max. K108MC / RTA96C Max. 60/ea S34MnV
Carbon Steel A53A/B, A106A/B/C, A333 - 1/6, API 5L
Low Alloy A333 - 1,3,6, A335 - Pl. P2, P12, P22, P21, P5, P9
Stainless Steel A268 - TP405,410, A312 - TP316, 316L, 304, 304L, A312 - TP321, TP347, 317,3171,309, 310, A790 - S32900
Duplex and Superduplex A790 - S31803, A789 S32750
Nickel Alloy B464, B729, B161, B725, B165, B167, B517, B444, B705, B407 B514, B423, B535, B710, B673, B677, B675, B676, B619, B622
Copper and Copper Alloy Naval Brass, Admiralty B466, B467
Titanium Alloy B337